Copying files from Android to passport without the file renaming it's self over and over

Can someone please tell me how to set up the passport drive for copying files from Android tablet or phone to the passport drive by wifi. My problem is the file will copy, but it will keep copying the smell file and renaming the file. Is there a setting that will keep the same file from copying and renaming it’s self?

Thanks for any help


In order to get better help, please give us more details on the issue, for example how you are trying to copy the files.

My problem is when I backup a picture folder on my android device to my passport. The 1st time I copy the folder everything copies ok, but when I take a few more pictures with my android device then back up the same folder. All the pictures in the folder
copies again. The files that copied the 1st time are copied again and renamed. Then I end up with multiple copies of the same file with different names
I’m copying to my passport connected by wifi

Thanks for any help
James Derryberry