Copying Data from the Drive to a client fails always

My plan was to use the MyCloud Mirror as a central drive which contains all my data which i also wanted to backup from time to time on a external drive.

Copying data to the drive was a long process, but without any bigger problems. Also accessing it from my iphone to show photos, or transfer pictures/music to the drive from the phone works.

But backup/copying data from the drive to my desktop fails always after the some files.
F.e. If i try to copy a folder with pictures from the drive to my laptop it fails. Using Faststone (picture viewer) to browse the fotos or using Faststone to use the batch convert function works without problems. It´s a bit slow, but it works.

I use MyCloudMirror at the moment like that:
WD_MCM->GB Switch -> FritzBox -> WLAN -> Clients
I tried that before without the switch. Also per cable connected to the FritzBox and also connected direct with cable to the WD_MCM. Always the same issue.

I use Win10 64bit on my clients.

Hi, are you transferring the information using Windows File explorer or using a third party application?


i tried different ways.
Standard file explorer from Windows, Total Comander, Tera Copy, MS SyncTool, PureSync.
Everything fails.

Today i tried with a different laptop (Win7 Prof. 64bit), this time only with tera copy and it failed also. Accessing data is not a problem, i can open pictures and pdfs or music from the drive without problems.
Tera copy claimed that the network path is´nt existing anymore, but i could open a pdf in the same folder.

Little Update:

I tried to change some settings today to see if there is a difference.
No changes in the behaviour.

When i copy files in the windows file explorer the copy window appears and i can see that the transfer speed starts with some mb/s and step by step is going down the 0.
Source folder is on the WDCloud, destination is my WIn10 laptop. I tried to transfer pictures.

When i wait nothing will happens until i get this error: 0x8007003B.
But, here it become strange - If i open the first picture in the destination folder some of the pictures start to copy. It stops again, i open another picture and it starts again to copy some files. If i do that often enough i can copy the whole folder.