Copying between devices

I currently have a WD My Book Live and and a My Cloud but have started having soo much trouble with the WD software. Primarily I cannot use the wd2go site to access either drive as when I get to the Java plugin it just fails and hangs despite me following hundreds of forums on Java versions and security settings…the software just does not work.

So method two, use the My Cloud app to access them.  Great all my devices are in the dropdown including a drive I got for my parents…perfect.  Apart from I cannot copy and paste between the drives!  I seem only to be able to move stuff from the drive if I drag from the app to a directory on my local drive.

This is incredibly frustatrating as the whole point of having cloud storage to is access it remotely.  Would reall like the software to allow me to select a file on a drive and copy/cut and then paste it to another drive, even a remote one so that I could send files between my computer and my parents without having to first download it to what ever compuiter I happening to be accessing the drives from.

If things worked as I really wanted there would be a no hang up option so I could move the files between devices in the app and then switch off the computer and let them do their business in the background.

The software is all there on the boxes so why are the interfaces to what is effectively two linux boxes so flaky.  Anyone have any work arounds or other software to make life easier…as opposed to ssh’ing into the box and copying via an ssh connection between them (possible but then whey are we paying for WD drives and not just leaving our computers on).


Have you tried different Internet Browsers in order to establish a connection via WD2go?