Copy/Paste Folder finding 24k files

I just got my 2TB external drive yesterday.  At the recommendation of a hlp desk employee, I am attempting to "copy/“paste” my PC folders to the external drive.  I was able to “copy/paste” the “My Music” folder without any problem.

When I attempted to do the same with my “pictures” directory, the copy function “found” in excess of 24K files (that’s when I cancelled the operation).  There are 2500 pictures.

I’m not sure where the “copy” is finding all those files.  A copy to my “dropbox” is just the 2500 pictures.  Is there something about the external drive that would be causing this?



Take a look at this link and try to copy the folder again.

How to move or copy files from one hard drive to another in Windows 

Also make sure there are no hidden files in the folder you want to copy.

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