Copy New/All vs. Move

Hi all, I have two WD Wireless Passport Pros as follows:

  1. firmware 1.04.xx
  2. firmware 1.03.xx

Looking at the MEDIA menu, SD and USB Import options for these in the desktop Dashboard page:

  1. Passport #1 now has the choices COPY NEW or COPY ALL, there no longer is a MOVE option.
  2. Passport #2 still has the same choices it did when I got these drives new, which is a choice of COPY or MOVE.

I need one to be a COPY drive and one to be MOVE drive.

Question: if I upgrade the firmware of #2, am I going to lose the MOVE option?

Why I need MOVE: I take cards out of a camera that is busy taking time-lapse images. I back them up redundantly to both drives in the field. I need the 2nd copy to MOVE the files off so that the card is then free to write more images in the camera. The camera is too busy to stop the time-lapse to format / clear the card.

So if the MOVE option goes away, that hoses the usefulness of BOTH of my Passport drives. At best, I would get 1 copy off the cards if I keep redundancy, 2 copies if I use one drive and then the next while accepting the risk of no redundant back-ups. Or I could lug a laptop or other device to clear the cards, which puts a big dent in my lightweight abilities hiking to remote areas.

Or I am forced to never update the firmware to passport #2.


PS: yes, I realize the firmware is up to 1.07.xx something now.

If you update the firmware you will lose the 'Move’ option.

With the new firmware you can still ‘delete’ the sdcard files after the copy. Just use a phone or iPad with MyCloud app to access the drive with the wd card in. Select all files (after the copy finishes :slight_smile:) and delete. Then select ‘eject’ to ensure the card is ejected ‘properly’.

That works! I should have done more poking around with the My Cloud app on the phone.

Thanks much!