Copy files directly to MyCloud Home

Hi sorry if this has been asked before but I did do a search and did not find anything to satisfy my needs.

I am trying to free up some files on my mac and want to copy a huge VMware vmd file to my MyCloud Home device and not sync it as I want to delete it from my mac but not lose the image file on the MyCloud Home device. It seems like this should be easy enough just drag and copy it to my MyCloud and be done with it. However it wants me to sign in as someone other than guest and when I try to do this with my username (that it provides) it does not like the password that I originally used to create my account with. So how do I connect to copy files straight over to my MyCloud device? TIA…

I understand that you want to copy a big file to your MCH, you have to be clear from web, windows’s explorer?
in public or online folder?

Sorry if I was not clear. This is a file that is on my Mac book. I can get to it using finder. It is a VMware fusion file. Which are typically located on //Users//Virtual Machines. The file that I am trying to copy is the image file for my VM. Please let me know if this is not 100% clear. The thing that I need to do is be able to access the MCH as if it were a networked drive. Typically on a Mac you do this via finder by clicking go > Connect to Server. Then enter the name of the server computer share that you are trying to connect to. In my case it is smb://Mycloud-XYZ. When I try to do that the only way that I can connect is as Guest which does not allow me to directly copy files to the drive. Instead I want to connect as a Registered User. When I select that via the radio button it automatically fills in my Mac username. However no matter what password I use to connect I cannot. This is what I am having problems with.

TL;DR. I need to back up a file from my Mac Book directly without syncing because I need to delete it off my Mac but keep it on my MCH. I cannot seem to do this. Please help.

Here is the solution. That I was able to find by poking around on my Macbook. It seems that the only way that you can do this is to open the WD Explorer app and then click on your device which then opens it in Finder. You can then directly copy the file to your device.

Ok, good job thanks