Copy feature unavailable since fw upgrade


Since I ugraded the firmware I am not able to copy files between medias:

Disk connected  and recognized , I would like to copy  a file (music)   to it.

I select the source file,right  arrow  on the remote control ,OK

Select the copy icon ,OK

Then when system asks to select  target  I couldn’t  do it  using the right arrow for  the disk .(can’t select the target media)

It sounds like an old bug I had  after an upgrade.

 DId some of you have this kind of bug or could you perform same task and let me know

It is another bug introduced in the lastest firmware.A work around is to create a folder called music  on the destination drive and  select it as target.

Files can no longer be coped to the root of a drive.I would complain but  WD does not care about its customers.


thanx for your workaround Powel,hope they will fix this before Xmas… 2015