Copy/email link to mp4 on mycloud public and have it play on remote ios

Want to host my own videos on wdmycloud and send off the link to clients and have them watch the video on ios devices

Is this possible? 

I can do it myself using the mycloud app but can others simply watch the video upon receiving the link?

tks for you time



Hey Great

In wdmycloud/UI under public I have Media Serving turned on however when I send a link by email, the file will not play on an ipad. The play icon in the middle of the ios device is grayed out with a line thru it.What have i missed please and thanks again for taking the time to do this


How did you create the link? Via one of the cloud apps?

Good Morning

To create the link I used wdmycloud.exe version on desktop win7

navigated to the file, right click - copy link - then paste link into an outgoing email using gmail client.

When received on a desktop elsewhere, the file downloads (doesn’t stream in a player) when clicked. However on an ipad, a player is launched when the link is clicked but the play icon is grayed-out with a line struck thu it . Leaving it to buffer does not result in the video loading into the ios player.



Is the video Apple-compatible?

I don’t know anything about the iPad but what player is opening when you try to play a video. Is there a way to set preferences. See example below for Quicktime player on a PC. Under the Browser tab I clicked on File types and then you can select the extensions.

Here is the link to the Apple site, it may provide information that will help.

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cat0w (USA)

yes its an mp4 encoded specifically for ipad

If it should stream and play on an ipad remotely then it might be my settings in wdmycloud/uI/

Under shares - Public I have Media Serving turned ON

Under Settings - Media I have Media Streaming  ON (although I think that one is for local in the house devices)

On the router side does it matter much if UPnP is on or off?

You were on to something Tony

I am delighted to report that video dimensions need to be 1280x720  where as previously 1440x1080 failed to play

Happy now that it streams to remote ios devices not on the local network