Copy/download big files always failed after upgrade to a new version a few weeks ago

i have try download a folder to my mac, copy back to my cloud device but it takes forever to do so. the transfer always keep failed and i need to do it again and again. This happened after upgrade the mycloud firmware around 3 weeks ago. perhaps WD can look into this matter. thanks 


Have you tried a reset and/or power cycle after the firmware update?

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yup i already restart the device including off the power. the downlowd failed seems happened everytime i transfer big file.

If your hardware allows it (if you have a suitable ethernet port), can you connect your Mirror directly to your Mac and try copying the files that way without the problem occurring?

That way you can perhaps differentiate a problem with your Mirror vs an issue on your local network set-up. Or as an alternative parallel test, can you copy the same files to a different location on your network without seeing the time-out/failure problem?