Copied files changing attributes

Here’s a bit of a puzzle.

I copied a bunch of files from my local hard drive to the MBL, using Windows Explorer (XP, SP3).

All the files are ok, except for 8 or 9.  These 8 or 9 have their Date Modified changed.  When I look at them on MBL, the timestamp is blanks.

This only happens when  I copy to the MBL.   If I copy the same files to other local drives, the timestamp is not changed.

Anybody seen this before, or know why this would be happening?

This has come up before.

See if this link helps you:

Thanks Tony, but that doesn’t really apply in my case.

I just copied a group of files within the folder, by highlighting the group,  then either right-clicking, drag and paste, or right-click, select copy, then paste.

Even if I just copy one of these files, I get the same behaviour.

Since it only happens with MBL and not another local drive, I suspect something with network somehow interacting with these particular file properties… dunno… just thought I’d check if it’s a common occurrence.