Convert a WD My Book to just a external hard drive

I have  a WD My Book 
& I want to convert it to just a external hard drive eliminating the
CD portion & the storage that is taken up. Assuming after the conversion I
will have all 2Terabytes for storage. I do not care about the data on the
external drive just want to eliminate the use of   one of
the lettered drives, which I am getting short on.

You can’t, for all intents and purposes.

You can hide the VCD, if you don’t set a password, but you can’t readily remove it.

It takes up almost nothing, tho.  What’s the big deal?  450-ish MB out of 1863 GB is 0.024% of the drive.

My concern is getting
rid of the 1 position(letter) that the CD takes up.

How do get rid of the
password so I can gain the position(letter) back

try going into the device manager and disabling the VCD and see if that helps.