Controlling wd tv live hub with macbook and ethernet cable

Is there any way to control my live hub (without remote or network) by just using the live hub box, macbook with os x ad an ethernet cable?

If I plug ethernet cable into MacBook OS X and then into WD TV Live Hub - is there any way to access the live hub and control it so I can use it/

  • I have no remote

  • I have no router, modem or network of any kind’

  • I have an iphone



I’m sorry.  I take that back.  You can download an iPhone app that does remote controlling for the Live Hub.  Hopefully, that powers it on as well.


I have found the solution - I now have control over my WD TV Live Hub without the remote or a local network.


It was not simple and requires a basic understanding of networking but for those of you with the same issue, here is a step by step gude.

Firstly - This guide is for a macbook laptop but I’m sure some googling will help you find similar instructions for a Windows machine.

Basically, you have to set your pc/laptop up as a dhcp server.

  1. Set up your laptop as a DHCP server -

  2. Once complete, plug a cat5 cable into the ethernet port of the WD TV and the MacBook

  3. The Macbook will now assign an IP address to the WD TV

  4. I assumed that the IP address would be next in line ( - Just connect to this IP address in Safari (or any web browser)

That is it - you can now control the WD TV using the browser interface.

NOTE: if your WD TV does not respond on you can keep trying,, etc… or simply download an IP address/port scanner tool to search for the connected device.