Controlling the WD TV Live Hub without the remote control

Cutting a long story short, I have travelled a fair distance to my friends house with my WD TV Live Hub and I have forgotten the remote control.

Is there any way of playing the music that I want without using the remote control? Any help would be invaluable for me!!!

you can use a mini usb keyboard.

Thanks for the suggestion, is there anything I can use in case he hasn’t got one of those?

You can use any usb keyboard,

or if he has a router connect the hub to it and control the hub via its web interface

Ah, excellent idea. I would still want the output to be the TV and surround sound and not the computer that is hosting the web interface - is this possible or would it play out of the computer?

There is a web remote accessible through a browser. Log in into your hub.

Ok I see, it’s one of the menus… I think I remember seeing it when I first bought the unit and had a play through the browser.

Stupid question maybe, but how would I find the ip address of the Live Hub? Do I just need to right mouse click on the drive when I connect it to the router?