Controller temperature warning


I noticed that in the logs of the G-Speed Studio Software Utility for my new 64 TB Shuttle XL, there have been six warnings over the last month saying “controller temperature is above the warning threshold.” I can’t find any other information (i.e. how much over). I do notice the controller temperature is usually very close to the threshold, within a few or even one degree.

Is this something that should concern me? I’m traveling in France with the drive now for work and can’t conveniently send it in for repair…



What is the environment like that you are operating the drive in? Do you keep the door on the front of the unit up or down or off completely? The best type of cooling is airflow, so sometimes having the door open or off on the Shuttle can be a benefit. One thing you can do is while it is off, pop out each drive and re-seat them in their slots. Make sure it is off when you do this and everything is back together before you turn it on.


I’m still getting these warnings, but they’re more frequent now. The ambient temperature is normal human comfort. I have the door completely off. I’ve unseated the drives a few times and blown out all the dust, and both fans appear to be working. The only remedy has been to put another fan in front of the absent cover door, which keeps it below 64 degrees, but not by much. I bought the drive in the US, but am now living and working with it on a project in France. Any advice would be appreciated…


If the device is still under warranty you could replace just the enclosure. But we would only be able to send the replacement to the US. We would need to receive the bad enclosure and then we would send a replacement enclosure to an address in the US since it was purchased here.