Continuous reboots

With firmware 1.07.18 both my brand new 3rd Gen WD TV Live units (PN WDBHG70000BK-HESN) keep rebooting (once every few minutes) while compiling media library in the background. It seems like this is due to a buffer overflow or similar due to the large size of the media library.

In between reboots, while unit is operational all functions work and media is streamable.

Under the .wd_tv folder under the 12TB Seagate BlackArmor network drive the library index size does not seem to pass 8.8MB for file wdtv.cas2.

P.S. My 2nd Gen WD TV HD Live units work just fine.

How “12TB Seagate BlackArmor network drive” is attached to the player? 

The Seagate 12TB BalckArmor Network drive is not directly attached to the WD TV Live player.  It is connected via Wifi Network.  More specifically the netwrok drive is connected directly via LAN cable to the Wreless router, and the WD Player  is picking it up via WiFi.  I have also connected the WD Player via LAN cable to a WiFi bridge, but that does not change anything.

Can you try to play it locally to check if the same will happends when storage is attached directly to the player via USB port?

OK I connected the 12TB network drive (BlackArmor® NAS 440) directly to the WD TV Live thru USB, but no connection was established.  Then I used the 100BaseT CAT 5 network cable and connected the two units directly.  WD did recognized the 12TB drive (which by the way is not set at the default RAID level 5, but it is “spanned” like JBOD and it is seen as one contiguous disk - but I think this is beside the point).

Now no media compilation goes on in the background and no rebooting occurs.  Index file uniondb.cas_0090a9c65390 does not grow beyound the 8.8MB in size.  

But this setup defeats the purpose of having a network drive and cannot serve as a final configuration setup, only for trouble shooting as it was suggested.  Furthermore WD TV live is no longer connected to the Web if I am going thru a direct wired network connection to the media disk.