Continuous disk activity while not connected to network

Continuous disc activity on my EX4, lead me to disconnect it from the network as it was not being used and I was concerned where files might be headed. Two days later and it seems to still have a significant amount of disc activity, even though it is not connected to my network. What gives?

Did you ever solve this?

I have 1x EX4 and 2x EX2’s, and had this exact same issue with one of the EX2’s. I was also concerned that it was effectively being hacked and data removed, as I wasn’t accessing it at the time. Like you, I disconnected the ethernet cable and left it. Eventually it calmed down, after a couple of days, but I never got to the bottom of why it was doing it!

Never solved, but I was able to tell the u it to hibernated and that quieted it down…