Content info

Recently got my WDTV Live working nicely streaming from my D-LInk DNS-320 (finally anyway). So far everything works other than getting content info.

The built-in support “works” but is spotty to say the least … is there a way I can load the information on my NAS instead of letting the built-in process do it? Can I just get the .jpg files for the movies and tv shows I have (in mkv format) using an external program like Media Center Master … or does it have to be in a specific format?

Done some searching already but have come up blank with an answer for what I am trying to do …

Thanks in advance.

The info on the network will be limited to the data base

you can edit the content info 

try contacting Timwarble or some of the other guys at the themes forum for guidance

you might find some good threads as well