Content Info for DLNA Server Content Source

I am using WDTV with my NAS My Book Live 3 TB with DLNA Twonky Server and content information cannot be retrieved or be viewed even when added manually. Can this issue be rectified in a future firmware release?

Doubtful… As far as I know, DLNA doesn’t support content metadata.

Alright dude,

I’m using a My Book Live with the SMP also … It took me some time to get it working but I finally managed it yesterday!

The content infomation will only display if your content source is “Media Library”.

Goto Setup and add the network share (WD My Book Live) to the Media Library lookup.

That’s right.  Content Info is only available for SHARED media, with either Samba or NFS.  

I was also using Twonky and same issue with metadata, so tried your suggestion

I added the Public Folder via NFS however it is asking for a Password. I try admin/admin and it doesn’t work

Any help please…

WD My Book Live 3TB

WD TV Live Streaming

NFS doesn’t use passwords, so I’m not sure what you’re seeing.