Constantly waking from sleep ONLY when Mac is on

Whenever I wake my Macbook Pro from sleep, my MyBook Live wakes up from sleep. After about 5 min, it will go back to sleep, then 30 seconds later it will wake again. I know this occurs when I dont eject my MBL from the OS, but in this case, its not even attached to the mac. I’ve already disabled remote services, but it still doesn’t work. Usually a reboot of my mac use to do the trick, but now it doesnt. Any help is appreciated.

Check if there’s any process pending on the Mac like a backup with Time Machine.

Usually due to services running.

Time machine is not on.

I’ve turned off all services except Twonky. Can I still access it from my WDTV Live without it on?

No you will not. But turn it off just to test it, if you are willing to.

But as I said, those services will prevent it from sleep mode, at least it is my experience.

Now it is just up to you what you need more, DNLA or sleep mode.