Constant loading circle when trying to view video

I have a WDLive HD hardwired to a Windows 7 box. Running no antivirus and no firewall. As of a few days ago it was worked fine streaming files using a shared folder. Now I am able to see the folder but all files get stuck on loading. I am able to stream this to another PC without issue. Wndows LIVE ID is NOT installed.

I am also unable to view ANY files using a media share. Either it states file unsupported or displays the loading circle.

I have recently performed a windows update however I am unable to narrow down a patch that may cause the issue.

Any suggestions?

The annoyed

How do you have a Live hardwired to the PC and also the PC to other devices?

Solution found on the web. The latest compiling of MKV files is not support by the WDLIVE… Hopefully just for now.

Jeremyc50 wrote:

Solution found on the web…

… or in about a hundred different posts around here, including the FAQs.

The latest beta firmware corrects this problem and therefore it would correct to assume that it will be in the next official firmware update.