Consistent shares error

Hi all,

I’ve done a brief search and haven’t seen this exact issue. I hope I’m not doubling up on the topic.

I’ve just installed a 3Tb My Book and the public folder seems to be working fine. I created a personal share for myself and my fiancee and mapped the drive successfully on both of our computers.

Once mapped, I tried to move files from my laptop to my Share folder. It appears to be working, but then creates a series of errors.

  1. It tells me the file already exists (which it didn’t when I started). The file now shows in the Share folder, but is 0kb file size
  2. When I choose to replace the file I get “Error 0x80070021: The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file”
  3. If I cancel the operation, the 0kb file remains on the share folder and cannot be deleted. The delete process looks like it works, but the file never disappears from the folder.

It doesn’t matter what type or size of file I am transferring. Anyone seen this and have a solution?


Sounds like your PC(s) are connecting to the MBL via WebDAV.  Search the forum for info on that.