Connecttion over wifi problems

Hi I have the 2tb mybooklive. Over the ethernet connection I can connect absolutely fine and have no problems, but on wifi through windows 7 and 8CP I can only browse one folder deep, i.e. the public folder after which I get error messages about permissions etc.

I tried on ubuntu last night and had no problems whatsoever, can anyone help get this working on windows???

I have about 700gb’s of stuff on there right now so any kind of factory reset or such isnt an option.

I just read a topic on here I must have missed, and fixed the issue by changing the MTU.

This really shouldn’t be necessary though - luckily im not a stranger to cmd and had no problem diving in and doing this but I expect most average windows users wouldnt…

For those with the same issue and need a guide, try 

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If anyone has Windows XP then this may also help: