Connects to wd live but not pc


I have an external HD that connects to the WD Live Hub properly and I am able to access information and view movies. Which is great, no problems with the WD player or the HD connected to the WD player.

When I unplug the HD from the WD player and try to connect it to any PC or laptop, it doesnt get recognized.

All the PCs/laptops that I have Windows 7 on them. 

Any ideas?



Do you actually “Eject” the drive, or just yank the cord?

Because if you’re not "Eject"ing it before disconnecting it, then you’re corrupting it and that’s why Windoze can’t read it.  When you plug it back to the Hub, the filesystem is repaired… you could do the same from the PC.

I have had some USB drives that weren’t getting enough current from the PC’s USB hub to power them up properly. Make sure the PC hub (if you’re using one) has enough current to power that drive up. You might need an external power supply of some sort to connect to the drive to get it to spin up all the way.

I bought one of these…

Works on just about anything even internal DVD burners can be run off of it. Matter of fact you could probably use this to connect the WD Hub’s hard drive to your PC and move some stuff to it quick!

Do you have any other drives plugged into the PC at the same time?

Yup a WD Mybook 500GB, an Inoi 500gb and the kit. All 3 have their own power supplies. I think that’s the trick.

Normally from the PC I always eject.

From the WD Hub, the hub is normally turned off, then i turn off the external HD and then unplug it from the WD player.

I am not using a PC hub and the external HD is connected to an external power supply.

No other drives or devices are connected to the PC.


connected to HD to WD player.

From my laptop connected to HD over network. 

Deleted System Volume Folder and .wdtv folder.

Shutdown WD player, disconnected HD and connected to laptop.

I dont know the root cause, I assume the file system got corrupted some how, but it works.


Always eject it before you power it off.