Connection with PS3,

My situation is very strange. 

I bought one WD Network drive (1T) , i connected it to my LAN and I able to play almost all of my movies (not mkv) through  PS3 without any problems.  

Last week I bought a new  WD Network drive (1T), i connected it to my LAN and the strange thing is that I cannot play any movies stored in it through PS3. If I copy a movie (that plays in my first HD) in the second Hard Drive then i get the message “The data type is not supported”.

How is that possible ? i changed the port for the second HD and I have closed the first HD completely ??

One other strange thing is that for one other avi file (that plays ok in the first HD) the second HD recognizes only 36 MB of the file plays the first 45 seconds and then stops ???

Does anyone has any suggestions ???

Thank you

I am continuing me previous post … 

the only difference between the two HD is the version of the firmware 

The fist one has : 

01.00.16 with MioNet

and the second has : 

01.02.04 with MioNet

me again …

No it is not the firmware. I have updated the first HD to the latest release and it stills plays all the movies … 

Any suggestions ? 

through the Twonky server, under the maintenance area…  select the “Rebuild database” button and then give it a try.