Connection two identical 3 TB USB 3.0 My Books simultaneously doesn't work

I’m trying to connect two identical 3 TB external hard disks to Windows 7 64-bit.

Either Windows recognized one or the other. I can’t access both disks at once.

What gives?

The simple fix is to go into Disk Management and assign different drive letters and make sure they are both online. Disconnecting and reconnecting may require you to do this again. There is a permanent solution here


Hey Joe, can they also just rename the drives?

I’m not sure about the simple renaming part I’ve heard that is doesn’t always last if you move the drive around. I don’t have identical drives so I really don’t know. I’d try the simple method first and see if that works. If not then the more complicated one.


did you ever get it to work?  cause I just heard from support that the easiest/best way to get windows to see the drive that doesn’t show up is to delete the partition on the drive that isn’t showing in computer (it should still show up in disk management), then repartition and format it.  windows then creates a new signature for the drive.  Joe, they tell me that changing the drive letter doesn’t always work or last, either.

I think you can change the name whne you assign it the letter. Some people who frequently connect and disconnect run into Windows not remembering hence the long way of solving the problem.


Hi there 

Re changing the unique ID.

It does look rather long winded, but only takes a few minutes and you only need to do it to one drive.

Simply renaming the drive doesn’t usually work since windows uses the unique ID to tell drives apart even after renaming.

Hope this helps