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Hi people

Am new to the forum and recent owner of the WD TV Live hub. Tried searching but could not find anything related to my issue, so am turning to you for help.

For the last several days I had been playing everything on my unit connected directly to a Panasonic plasma TV via HDMI, with no issues whatsoever. Yesterday I decided to connect it to my Marantz sr6003 AV Receiver via HDMI, however nothing shows up on the TV through the receiver. I have tried the settings of the Marantz, changing cables, changing ports etc but everything else works with all cables and ports (e.g. my xbox 360) whereas WD unit does not display anything. If I connect it back directly to the TV it starts displaying again…Help?!

Its driving me nuts, please respond with any solution/suggestions you may have.


Guys REALLY worried here. Quick help most appreciated.

Looks like an issue with your reciever.

look here:

or here:

or here:

Probably want to do the EDID COLLECTION procedure while it’s connected to the MARANTZ.   

Leave it connected directly to the TV until you’re ready to press the key sequence described below.

Then plug it into the Marantz, wait about 30 seconds, then do the key sequence.

***** For WDTV Live HUB users, there’s an undocumented procedure to produce this data. *****

I learned this from a WD engineer trying to fix why MY LG was not working correctly.   I just cleared it with WD to post it here.

Insert a supported USB Thumb Drive in the front USB slot.   It’s better if you do NOT have one in the back; that way there will not be any guesswork where the file is going to go.

Navigate to the ABOUT MOCHI screen in the Setup menu.

When on the screen, press the following key sequence on your remote.


Count to 5, then leave the menu, and eject the USB drive.

Take it to your computer.   You should find a new file on the root directory called


You can open that file in MONINFO

Post the text results.

Perhaps it’s your receiver. My Denon works fine with video but I don’t get 5.1 sound, only 2-channel.

For the benefit of everyone here, I am posting how I managed to solve this issue, with help from other posts on this forum and elsewhere on google.

Firstly, this is NOT an amp/receiver issue. This is the same HDMI handshake issue plaguing many other live hub users. Problem can be faced in many ways, more frequently as follows:

  1. No display on TV

  2. " XYZ Error’ displayed on TV

There needs to be a software fix for this from WD, since it worked fine before version 2.x came out. Til then, you can expect to face the issue at any time. Workarounds below:

  1. In case of AV Receiver connection with the hub, the most reliable way forward is to connect the HDMI directly to the TV (with everything off, turn on the tv first, set the correct input and then turn on the hub), and connect the audio through optical out (only) to the receiver.

  2. In case u need to connect via hdmi to the receiver or directly via hdmi to TV (as above) but following above procedure still creating issues, you need to repeat the above procedure after holding down the power button on the unit for 5 seconds to reset it. This should bring back the display.

Hope this helps others. However, having done point 2 noted above, there were 3 problems that I faced:

  1. Audio clipped every few seconds

  2. In mkv files with aac audio, no audio could be heard if live hub audio options are set to Digital Passthrough Via HDMI only and then manual setup with AAC files also ‘ticked’. I am not sure what is causing this issue as my av receiver plays aac and supports the format, but when I uncheck the above option I start hearing audio as well…weird!

Moving to my solution number 2 at the top solved my issues for now, but video is not coming through the receiver anymore. I would like to hear from you all about the issues I faced AFTER solving my problem, also noted above. Any thoughts?

I am experiencing the audio not playing on certain video formats (MPEG-2 or MPEG-4) movies using Dolby 5.1.

Video displays without a problem but no sound until I mess with Setup-Audio-HDMI pass only - manual.

My WDTV Live Hub is connected to my receiver Pionneer.

Everything worked without a problem for a couple of months until the update to 3.00.28.

I have a new thread under here:

Thank you.