Connection problems new BT Broadband

Ive switched broadband providers.

The wdmycloud was working perfectly on a fixed IP outside of the main range on my old router.  Ive just had new broadband today, plugged the wdmycloud into the BT home hub, waited for light to go blue, all connected, ran the setuip software and…nothing

The network doesnt find the wdmycloud

Advice greatyly received

Does it need resetting?  If so how do I do that without erasing any data on the drive?


a 4 second press on the rear reset button with the mycloud on should set it back to DHCP and reset the admin password and maybe other passwords. no impact on data. then you cab set it to a static IP on the new router

or change the router settings to use the old subnet and DHCP range


Ill give it a try and report back

Thanks this has worked but the network keeps dropping the drive and have to re load the ip address to get it back

Ive tried setting a static outside the range but bt home hub doesnt seem to allow it.  When I did this with my netgear router this fixed all problems - can you not do this with a bt home hub?