Connection of MyBookLive to hubs/PCs/Macs etc

I have a MyBookLive 2TB and experience the same problem of the connection dropping out regardless of the device connection.

I bought the device in 2011 and have had the problem ever since, despite many attempts to rectify.

From all the posts that I have read, I think it is safe to assume that everyone with this device who is willing to post, experiences this issue (if you don’t, please post your config here, because I want to know how).

Western Digital, your silence on this issue is deafening.  Some support on your product would be appreciated.

From my experience and reading, the situation on this is:

  • the WD MyBookLive ethernet NAS drives lose connection with their connected devices between 0-3 days of connection being established.

  • devices on the network vary between 2 and 6 and are switched on/off during the 0-3 days when connection is lost

  • problem occurs with or without a switch

  • problem occurs regardless of brand of hub/router/switch

  • problem occurs regardless of PC/Mac operating system or version

  • DHCP/static IP address possibility but cannot be tested due to other NAS drive problems with static IP addresses

  • energy saver other possibility if it allows the router to think that the IP address has been released

  • firmware upgrades have not affected the issue

  • wired/wireless does not affect the issue.

WD, please advise.  I would like to have a device which is reliable and connected without continually re-starting all manner of devices.

I’m not sure what they’re working on, but I’ll pass this along.