Connection keeps dropping out BT Homehub 2

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been asked before but I have searched and can’t find anything.

Have just purchased a WD My Book Live that I am running through a BT Homehub 2 router, I have a MacBook running Snow Leopard.

Set up was fine but when I try to transfer files or Time Machine starts backing up it works fine but soon stops and the internet cuts out.  The only way to get it working again is to reset the router.  Once its rest it works again for a few minutes and then the connection drops again. 

If anyone has any ideas or advice I would be very greatful.

Many thanks Matt

Be sure to have the My Book Live latest firmware update installed, also if you are using a wired connecting, try using another Ethernet cable.

My Book firmware update

If you do a search for Homehub you will find there are a few people who have had various problems on this forum while using the BT router. Not saying that their issues were router related, but you might find something similar to your problem.

To troubleshoot your specific problem some:

You said you have a MacBook. If you are using it wirelessly, try connecting it to the router via cable. If the BT is having problems on the wireless side this will identify it.

If your connection continues to drop…

Connect the network cable directly from your MBL to your MacBook, and Reboot them both. Then try running Time Machine.

If your connection continues to drop, it appears to be the MBL that is failing.

If your connection is good at any point, then it would seem to be your BT Router that is having problems.