Connection Fujitsu Celvin NAS Q700 with WD My Cloud

Hey there,

first steps in such a forum. So hopely my english is well enough.

Bought a NAS Celvin Q700 2 years ago.

As a separate back up i bought additionally a WD my cloud in decembre.

I tried to connect these both external components by using USB 3.0. - NAs is using USB 2.0 - although I think this won’t be the problem.

Unfortunately my NAS cannot “see” the new WD-Devise, when trying to syncronozise them.

Both items running separately perfect.

Thanks for support.


Hi Quan1303, welcome to the WD Community. If you are trying to connect both NAS to each other using a USB cable it wont be possible, the USB cable on the My Cloud is only for expansion purposes and only to be used for USB external storage. 

Thanks Jubel04.

As I understand the “WD My cloud” is also a NAS. Right?

My Q700 NAS allows also back ups with other types as:

  • Remote Replication

  • Back-up Server

Is there a easy way to syncronisize two NAS?

Thanks for additional help.

PS: the kudo star - whats that?

Hi again, with the My Cloud you can create local backups to a USB drive or to another NAS on the same network, these are called “Safepoints”. The kudo star is the button below the avatar picture.


Click on the following link for more information on how to create Safepoints. 

How to create a Safepoint backup of a WD My Cloud Personal Cloud drive on another device