Connection fine on Windows PC, awful on Mac?


I’ve been having real problems getting a decent connection from my Macbook to MyCloud, so tried my work Windows laptop and it worked fine, really fast. Has anyone else had this, is there anything I can do?


Can you please elaborate your issue. 

 How are you trying to connect from your macbook to mycloud. Are you using wdmycloud desktop app to connect to your device?? Do you have any issue installing dmg on your macbook??

Thanks for the reply, I’ve tried the desktop app, going directly through the mac finder and also using iTunes to find the public folder that I put my music in. All are really slow, so much so that I just give up, but then on windows the connection is great. I think it got worse when I switched to maverics, but can’t be sure. 

Instead of using the app, try directly connection to the drive (FINDER > GO > CONNECT TO SERVER>  SMB://ipaddressofmycloud)

No luck, was trying to connect for 20 mins, didn’t get one. Help! 

Are you sure you did it correctly? what did you type in the “Connect to server” box?

This SMB trick abslutely worked for me, thank you.  FINDER > GO > CONNECT TO SERVER>  SMB://192.168.0.___ (whatever it’s assigned to on your network)

Although the performance on the Mac seems to lag drastically compared to the PC.  There’s no way I’d recommend this drive to someone running all Macs in their setup.