Connection error with airport extreme

Today my airport extreme adviced me to make a bridge connection beacuse there was more than one NAT connections. Once i did this my wd live duo was no longer available.

Iwould be very thankfull ig you could help me with this.


I called apple about this yesterday as I was habing some connectivity problems with my new Mac and was told that my verizon dsl modem was supplying dhcp to my devices since the APE was in bridge mode. (It worked when  first set it up so I never went deep into fooling with it.

They said it should be in DHCP and NAT mode otherwise it was really not administoring anything.

They told me to just ignore the error in the APE and I should be fine. Which I have done and all me devices work just fine since it is only a modem and not a combo router.

All of a sudden all my devices names popped up in the Airport utility.

They verified all of this on the phone with me nd stayed on while I did it.

I wondered later if I should try and change anything in the Verizon modem like turning of NAT, so curiosity did get the best of me so I looked up my verizon modem model and found the admin login and password online.

I saw options to turn off NAT but the Apple rep told me not to mess with anything or I could lose my internet althogether unless Verizon tech told me what to do, and there really isn’t a need to. I didn’t chnage any of the settings but did see that it was automatically forwarding any incomming communication to the APE already.

So everything is working great and the Airport just ignores the Double NAT error now.

Great! And what’s the configuration on yor airport extreme now??? Do you have print images?