Connecting with Linux

Hello all,

I came to this site with a million questions. After browsing the forums, I’ve gotten answers to most of them. I’m having some problems however.

Does anyone in this forum use Linux? I’m using Ubuntu 10.10. I can successfully connect and copy files from my machine to the WD Mybook 2TB hooked to the WDTVLive. The problem I’m having is in creating playlists. I’m using Rhythmbox 0.12.0 and since I’m accessing the files through a samba share, it insists on adding smb://wdtvlive/my_book/ as a prefix to each file. I’m wondering if there’s a linux program that fixes that problem?

Second problem. Once I do fix the playlist and copy it over, the WDTVLive doesn’t see it until I reboot it. Is there some menu option I’m missing to maybe “reload” or something rather than rebooting>


Did you ever find answers for your questions?