Connecting wd my cloud 2tb to comcast x1

ok as of last month i had a service provider of wowway. i used to be able to go to the search for media gateways on teh cable box with the remote. and go to wd my cloud.

now that i switched to the comcast x1 i cant get it to work on my vizio smart t.v
cant even find a app that will work with my smart t.v
any ideal how i can get it to work with my vizio smart tvs i got in the house.?


Please check the settings on the firewall for the new service.

Also try resetting the unit to make sure it gets a new IP.

i did its the stupid vizio tv. its the yahoo connected app store… only has media app witch uses dlna witch works to a extent but alot of formats not supported for some reason.

as far as comcast goes… havent figgured a way to directly connect to the media gateway with it