Connecting WD Live to a new AVR700 Harman/Kardon - HDMI problem

Hi - I previously had my WD live connected to an HDMI switching device which worked perfectly. Now I’ve upgraded my system so a new Harman/Kardon AVR700 receiver does all of my HDMI device switching. The problem is now my WD Live will “hang up” after watching any mp4 or mkv type files on a USB stick. All I get is the amber “spinning circle”. Are there some settings I need to change or a firmware update to correct this problem? If I “unplug” the WD Live and reboot it, it will allow me to watch one file and then it hangs up again.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. This could be an AVR700 issue and I’ve contacted their tech support too.

UPDATE : It wasn’t the Harman/Kardon after all, but a FRIED WD Live. Luckily, I had the extended warranty From Fry’s Electronics and they exchanged it with no questions (except that I told them the problem was it would hang up after playing one file). The new one works just fine with AVR as the HDMI switcher.

I tried the following before giving up:

  1. rebooting (unplug power)

  2. resetting (found the small reset pinhole)

  3. copying all files from the suspect USB drive to a new USB drive and tried the same test

I now wonder if there was a bad firmware update. To be sure it wasn’t, I left off the LAN cable (we do not have WI-FI so it can’t get “automatic firmware” updates now).

Just a “post-mortem”, has anyone found that the WD_tv file it puts on a USB drive becomes corrupted somehow?

If you have a WD live streaming gen3 then you can turn off firmware updates in the setup menu.

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Thanks…I’ll try that.

richUK wrote:
If you have a WD live streaming gen3 then you can turn off firmware updates in the setup menu.

Rich, thanks for the advice you gave the OP. I happened to notice and by doing so,and thereby finally confirmed I have a gen 3 unit.

Also, basis this exchange of posts, I decided to opt for manual updates.

Best wishes for 2013 from this newbie.