Connecting to mac

so I have an ex4100. I have succesfully connected it via interweb router and ethernet cable, which was handy in the past but now most of what i do will be off line and i want to be able to take my drive with me to my new office, in papua new guinea, where i have no internet.
I am hoping i can just connect to the drive straight to my computer and the Mac computer would recognise it as an external drive. like it does my other drives.

is that possible?
what have i missed.
Right now I have used ethernet cable directly in to the computer and i can access the drive via the app but it is a little slow and the platform is clunky.
am i doing something wrong? can i connect another way so it will just pop up on my desk top and i can use finder etc?

thanks a lot



My Cloud EX4 is a network drive but you would be able to access data if you connect it directly with the computer (such practices is not recommended). You can map your My Cloud EX4 on the local network and use Finder to get direct access to your data.
If using without internet, you won’t be able to access data from remote locations or with the My Cloud Mobile app.