Connecting to 2 computers as Network Share

Just bought this to test/try it out. I have been a long time user and a fan of Apple TV but I love the WD Live for it can play 1080p MKVs with 6 channel sound without any fuss. Love it.

I have 2 computers (Macs) and am able to connect to each of them without any problem. However I find that once I am connected to computer A and need to now connect to computer B, it asks me for my login credentials again? With the kind of keyboard, it gets pretty frustrating very quick to enter user name and password everytime you need/want to swap the Network Share.

Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing that will remember the password?

PS I will be asking a few questions, pretty excited.

I know what you mean – I’m an ex-AppleTV person myself (actually I still have the ATV, but now it doesn’t get used).  Not just the surround sound, but not having to use iTunes (and all that means) is SUCH a relief.

In Settings/Network you can choose “auto login” so it remembers your login (and you won’t have to retype it) when you choose your share.

Glad to have you aboard.