Connecting the WD TV Live streaming media player to ipad

Hello everyone,

I posted a new message because I cannot find the answer to my problem.

I have the 3rd gen WD TV Live stream media player wherein I connected an external HDD on one of the USB port. I want to watch movies from the ipad while the files were in the ext HDD connected to the WD TV live. I tried the ZappoTV and it can see the files but could NOT correctly play all the movies(avi, mp4, mkv, etc.). Also tried the BUZZ player but could NOT see the movies files(as well as all other files and directory). I can connect and transfer jpg pix from ipad to WD TV live but could NOT see the content of ext HDD from the ipad.

In this case, any suggestion how I can proceed with my goal - watch movies from ipad while the files were in the ext HDD of WD TV Live. Any help is highly appreciated.

Regards, Edgar

Your goal really has nothing to do with the WD TV other than the fact that the WDTV presents the USB disks as a network share.

You need to focus your search on iPad apps that can play media from a Samba / CIFS (Windows) share.  Appls like File Browser can do that.


As mentioned above, the issue is not with the WDTV.  All it does is serve a file to your iPad, and the iPad can ONLY play files native to it (e.g.mp4, m4v, mp3, etc)  It cannot play MKV or ISO files because the iPad hasn’t got the internal guts to do it. 

That said, there are programs that can assist with these problems.  For serving iPad native files to the iPad, as already mentioned FileBrowser app does; so does Twonky Beam, and there are countless others. 

As for viewing files NOT native to iPad on the device, VLC Streamer (running on iPad and PC) can enable you to view mkv and iso files on your iPad by sending the file first to your PC where VLC plays these files and then forwards it on the iPad.  You need a good PC to do this, because it’s all a CPU-intensive activity.  A good wireless network is also necessary.

hi tonyph12345,
thanks for the feedback. I was able to download the app filebrowser and it worked. Although I cannot open the avi and mkv files. For the avi files, I did get the URL on the filebrowser then open it in buzzHD player. Though the process is kind of not robust if I follow this process.Now iam finding ways to open the mkv files. thanks for the help.

regards, Edgar

Search the App Store for the word “avi” and then do same for “mkv”.  There are lots of choices.