Connecting Sony BDP-S390 to WD MyBook Live

Good Evening,

Recently purchased the Sony after having the MyBook for a while, and while the Sony finds/recognises it as an external drive when I select the MyBook I get the message:

“no supported file-types found”

it does not offer me any folder choices (i.e… shared music).

Now I am not that tech-savvy but I wonder if I am NOT doing something basic. I wondered if someone could supply a bit of a checklist of what to do/try.

I am also contacting support at both WD/Sony directly as well as looking at other threads on here.

Thank you.

Hi, you need to be sure that the files you are trying to play are compatible with the BDP-S390. Also from the my book dashboard check that the DNLA server is enabled.

Thanks for that.

Have made sure that the SONY is enabled via both the MBL dashboard and the TwonkyMedia dashboard and that all updates on both machines are just that.

Also as a test I moved an avi, jpg and mp3 in to the mainfolder (outside of all the shared folders) but still the same message about unable to find any playable file.

Having now recieved feedback from both SONY and WD, who both say reset the MBL, I am backing up all the files on there and will give this a whirl.


This seems like a bit of a cop-out, resetting will … like most things … do nothing.

Has anyone got a proper solution for this problem.

Do you need to update the old Twonky 5 to Twonky 7 for newer DLNA devices?

My samsung only plays AVIs, not MP4s as well. again Twonky 7 ?

Only new to this device, wireless networking getting me abit bogged down.

Followed all the advice from this great forum, please someone help … arrrrrgggghhhh

I am using Twonky 5.1.9 and my Blu-ray player is a Sony BDP-S580.  They work.  However, I cannot fast-forward .mkv mp4 files.  And it won’t play (won’t see) .mp4 mp4 files.

However my TV (an LG 55LM7600) will see both kinds of video files, can fast-forward them, and plays them with less buffering time.

So it’s not all Twonky’s fault.  The Sony Blu-ray players are just weaklings when it comes to playing media from a the server.

Consider getting a Roku.