Connecting MyPass Ultra to Asus Router

Is there any way to have backups go to where my passport ultra is actually located? My Ultra is not attached to my PC it is attached to the 3.0 USB on my Asus AC68 router.  There seems to be no option to have my PC backup to the networked drive (router). Also, the smartware saves at the root of the Ultra.  This means when the Ultra is accessed by others they see this folder, I would prefer it were buried down a folder.  Anyway to designate where it saves.  Right now I unmount my Ultra from my router, hook it up to my PC, perform a backup, then re-mount the Ultra to my Router, and that is where others in my network can see my backup on the root of the Ultra.

Also, If I install the WD security, will that prevent others from attached to the Ultra that is again attached to the router.  It seems it would be since it seems the WD security is installed on my PC and not on the device (Ultra) itself.

The Ultra works fine when saving files to the router, but I have a concern that if someone were to walk off with my Ultra they have access to the data. And again, I currently get my PC to save to the router/ultra.

Very confused on the software to install and not install. Like the SES.

I think my 1 question about saving backups to my Ultra connected to my router is going to be that WD does not support that.  So my question now is, when is WD going to implement that?  Yes, I realize I can buy a NAS drive that has that but really, how hard would it be to just put in an option to direct where the files save too.  A lot of the new routers now have 3.0 and 2.0 USB connections on them that have near gigabit transfer rates.  People are going to want to move their drives to their routers and they are not going to want to go buy another drive to do so. Also, the routers with 3.0 and 2.0 also have cloud like firmware built in making it easy to basically create your own home cloud or as I like to call it, Fog.  The movement is pretty clear  NOT to put your data in the Cloud where you lose total control of your data. And why pay for Cloud if anyone can do it themselves with these new routers.

I’m pretty sure this is something WD needs to setup a meeting asap and discuss.

Correct - the MyPassport can only be used as a back-up target if directly connected to the machine in question via USB.

Smartware does support backing up to NAS drives, but only “proper” ones rather than ones via shared USB ports (be those shared from a computer or from a router).


Drive encryption happens on the drive itself, but as you saw the decryption software (in the SES driver) is local to your machine. I think the driver element of things is partly why the MP can’t be used securely except by direct connection.

It sounds like something to raise as a feature request (in the  External Drive Ideas section of the forum, although I would search first as I’m reasonably certain you’re not the first to ask this. But the limitations are in the drivers I think, and that WD have no control over the file serving software in the router, unlike that in the NAS drive where it’s more controlled.