Connecting my wif network

I have a new WD TV Live. But at the moment it is just a plastic box burning electricity, I have the following set up problem.

It picks up the wireless network but when I try to connect automatically it comes up with the error message that it can’t get an IP address.

Everything else I have connects straight away to the network with no problem.

Whilst I have some knowledge anything too technical will confuse me, but any ideas?

My router is a Billion 7300N

Try again 3-4 times, [also make sure that you choose wireless, not wired connection]

if problem persist check router security settings, mac address filtering and such.

Ensure that player is placed in a good place with no obstacle to router.

I have an older Billion 7401 and I have ‘set’ the IP addresses for the two WDTV Live SMP’s I own.

It took a while to find but eventually I found how I could ‘create’ a fixed host address.  In my model it was under Configuration then LAN, then DHCP Server where I clicked on “Next”.  On the screen which came up was a link to “Fixed Host”.  Then I clicked on 'Create".  I got the Mac Address from clicking on the “Properties” on my PC on the WDTV.  But I seem to recall you can also get the Mac address from within the unit itself onscreen somewhere.

Both of my WDTV’s have the IP addresses and

The Maximum Lease Time is set to 86400

This works fine for me.

Thanks for the replies but I think this is way beyond me, I have found on my computer a MAC address but it doesn’t resemble anything I know of, just a lot of letters and numbers.

I think I will send it back and wait until someone produces something that you can just plug and play, which I thought this might be. The advertising blurb is very misleading in that respect.

WD support haven’t got back to me and I sent a question more than two days ago.

I also have a Mac which doesn’t help as most of the questions and replies here relate to Windows kit.

It was a nice idea…