Connecting My Cloud Home to WD TV


Hello. I would kindly ask anyone to help me.
I’ve bought WD My Cloud Home for streaming my video files to WD TV media player.
I have connected both devices to my router but WD TV doesn’t recognize My Cloud.
Is it possible that WD TV recognises files on My Cloud?

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The My Cloud? Yes. The My Cloud Home? Not easily.

The Home has neither DLNA nor SMB/AFS browser functionality.

Supposedly you can make it work with Plex, but probably not worth the effort.


You can access the public folder using SMB on the My Cloud home

  1. Install Plex
  2. Enable Plex DLNA Media Server


Thank You very much. I can see only folders with MP4 files on WD TV screen. I can’t see folders with m2ts and mov files from camcorder and camera.