Connecting my cloud home to PS4

Hi I’m just wondering if anyone could help me connect my PS4 to my cloud home. I have able to set up my PS4 to access my home network to access my files on my computer but unable to set it up where it showing my cloud on the home network on the PS4 if anyone could help me with this I would be much appreciated thank you :grin:

As I’m wanting to watch films on PS4 from my cloud hard drive :ok_hand:

I’m sorry but you won’t be able to do this. My cloud home is not a NAS but a personal cloud. This means you can only connect to it via a browser or platform that they develop their program for. If you’re still in your refund period I’d suggest taking it back for a more traditional NAS. Maybe something from Synology.
Your only other option could be to set up a Plex Media Server to stream to your PS4, but at this time WD has not updated the Plex server version so that functionally is also broken.