Connecting My Book Live Duo directly to computer ethernet port?

I want to transfer all my data from the My Book Live Duo to my new EX4100. Here’s the problem.
The POS wireless router my ISP provided tops out at 7.3MBps. My wireless network is running at 100MBps.
I was hoping that connecting the Duo directly to the ethernet port on my PC I could obtain speeds high enough so I could finish the transfers before I die.
Well, it ain’t happenin’, McGee. I have an unidentified network on my PC that cannot be accessed. Both the PC and the Duo have static IP addresses.
Is there a solution? I’m using my one spare SATA port to hold the backup disk. I’ve been told swapping the drives from the Duo to the EX4100 will result in all the data being lost. Not good.

Hi GleasonFan,

You can transfer data by connecting both devices with router and drag and drop files as it will be a LAN transfer it does not require the internet. Please follow these steps to transfer the data.

  1. Open both devices folder via web access or by mapping them on the system.

  2. Then select the files you want to transfer and just copy it to the other device.

  3. It will start the transfer.

The reason I want to connect directly to the PC is Win10 keeps killing the one NAS or won’t let me copy files to the any NAS.