Connecting miricast problem with my windows tablet. Help!

i want to use the miricast option on my wdtv live and it is messing up now. The first time i tried it it worked just fine and i didnt even really know what i was dong. Now every time i try to connect it tries and eventually says “Cannot connect due to poor wifi connection”  i didnt change any settings and have tried to find solutions online but they are all Android answers. I have an Unbranded Widows tablet that works awsome. I have no idea why it just wont connect to my WDTV Live anymore for no reason. please help. The miricast is on auto connect and when i try to connect i get that wheel of arrows as it tries to connect with my tablet and right before it seems like its gonna work it give me the error screen on my tv and on my tablets screen. Is there a setting im missing? please help. Hen it worked the first time it was flawless and even when i played a movie on my tablet it was full blown, non choppy HD picture. Im very frustrated with it because i cant figure out why it wont work now it dosent make any sense. 

Hi jhazey412, welcome to the WD Community. Have you tried powercycling the router and the WD TV? You can also try pressing the WDTV reset button.

I had the same problem.

1: Make sure your windows tablet connects on a 2.4Ghz connection as well was the WD*

2: From the WD network/miracast, remove the previous connection

3: power cycle the WD and reboot you tablet

4: Should now be working

*If your router sends 1 access point for both 2.4 and 5, make sure to split them