Connecting Mac to wdtv live


I have searched the forum but couldn’t find the answer.

My previous windows laptop died recently.  I had previously connected that laptop to my wdtv wirelessly and could see the wdtv folder and could transfer files between the two wirelessly over the network,

I now have a macbook pro.  The WDTV and Mac are both on the same network and I have changed my Mac settings to share files however I can’t find a way to transfer the files to the WDTV or visa versa.  I can sometimes see the wdtv in my ‘finder’ however when I click on it tries to connect before the reference to wdtv disappears.

I really don’t know what to do and would appreciate any help.



Please try:

1- In Finder, click Go and point to Connect to Server.

2-Enter  smb://“devicename”  and click  Connect.

3- Choose the radio button “Connect as Registered User”.

4-Leave the “Workgroup or Domain” field as the default but enter “admin” into the “Name” and “Password” fields.

5-Choose a share on the drive.

6-Click the “OK” button.

To show the mapped drives on the desktop, open the Finder preferences (Select  Finder  then  Preferences ) and check the  Connected Servers  box.

Thanks mate

Still doesn’t work.  It says that that the server may not exist or may not work.


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