Connecting G Drive with thunderbolt 2 cable

I just got my G Drive mobile SSD to use for my Mac Pro. My Mac Pro has Thunderbolt 2 slots, so I bought thunderbolt 2 male to male cable, and thunderbolt 3 to 2 connector (from Apple). I connected the drive with this setup but my computer doesn’t recognizes it.
I tried with USB cable which was included in the package, which works. But since I have 6 empty thunderbolt slots I’d like to connect this drive to that. I’m not sure why my computer doesn’t recognize the hard drive when I use the thunderbolt cable. Please help.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @spensolo,

Please refer below link to help you with trouble shooting steps:

Thunderbolt 2 is not powered and used for data only. USB is powered, that is why it works.