Connecting directly to a PC?


I have just bought myself a WD TV live and would like to connect directly to a PC, which is running Vista.

I seem to be struggling to connect to it! I don’t want to connect to the router, because that is too far away and would rather have a wired connection for faster streaming of files.

I would like to know if this is possible, as I have tried everything so far to no avail!

That is possible, but it can have issues.    Microsoft Networking does NOT work well when you have MULTIPLE interfaces on a computer running at the same time.

Good luck…

Managed to do it after much Faffing around! 

Had to go into network connections, right click on Local area connection, select properties, then tick or re-tick Internet protocol version4(TCP/IPv4), select Obtain IP adress automatically, and away you go.

Only problem is It’s just a local area connection, so can’t connect to the internet! 

It’s good for watching movies straight from PC though, only after you move them into a public folder.

Must be a way of getting an internet connection for WD TV, through the PC??

Check into “Internet connection sharing.”