Connecting a Pi 3 to the CloudEX2 Ultra

Saw a post on here, but it was locked so couldn’t add anything to it. I wanted to add some info for anyone using a Pi and the CloudEX2.

(Just for example, and to avoid confusion, my NAS box host is “dacloud” this will obviously be different for you.)

I log into the Pi via SSH (or just keyboard and monitor)
sudo mkdir /mnt/dacloud

Then Mount the NAS to the dir you just made:
sudo mount -t cifs -o username=plex,password= //dacloud.local/plex/import/tbawx /mnt/dacloud
( note: my plex password is blank)

Type df -h to see if it was properly mounted

(If your username has a password, just enter it as below:)
sudo mount -t cifs -o username=username,password=password //PLEX_IP_OR_HOST /mnt/dacloud

Then you can copy files from your Pi to the CloudEX2 using either cp, pv, or rsync.
I prefer rsync:
sudo rsync -ah --progress /source/ /destination/

You will have to remount this every time the Pi reboots.

Hopefully this helps someone else.