Connecting a MyBook NAS to a cable modem

This is probably a silly question, but is it possible to connect a MyBook NAS to the USB port on the back of my cable modem? I have an Airport Express connected to the modem’s ethernet jack, which limits my options. My dream, economical solution would be having the Airport Express handling the wireless networking, and I would be able to see the hard drive connected to the USB port at the back of the cable modem.

I am trying to get around buying a new wireless router. If the above setup can’t work, well, I guess I will bite the bullet. I don’t have the right USB cable handy so I am throwing myself on the mercy of the forum until I go shopping.

Thanks for any help.

Nope, I don’t think this will work. Your MBWE comes with a USB-Host port were you can connect an other external hdd or a printer. The cable modem comes with a usb nic. Even if you would get kernel module support for the usb nic on the MBWE, the modem will not bridge between ethernet and the usb nic.

Does the Airport Express comes with a USB port? You could connect a normal external hdd to that…

Alas, I fear that won’t work either. The USB port on an Airport Express is just for printers. Guess it is time to unbox my new wireless router.